10 август 2020

The story of our iconic product: HONEY & ROSES

A recipe lost in time since 1907, and then found while browsing in a dusty ceiling gave shape to BEE MY BLOOM Honey and roses.

Written in timeworn Bulgarian the formula calls for acacia honey collected from the pure hills of the Stara Planina and rose petals harvest at sunrise in the RoseValley.

We started from here – from this recipe, from the desire to do something as good as was ever possible before the time began to run fast. The curiosity and respect for the uneven pace of the organic produce, the bees, and the course of nature have accompanied us in the crafting and presentation of BEE MY BLOOM Honey and roses.

BEE MY BLOOM Honey and roses can only be created in June, when the bees have made their first acacia honey, and roses has begun blooming in the Valley of the Roses. The fresh rose petals are immersed under a full moon to release its aromas and to merge with those of the honey. After three lunar cycles, the breath of the Kazanlak rose is transferred to the honey and together they generate what we called BEE MY BLOOM. We have selected the best honey and the most fragrant roses for you to share our discovery in the best possible way.

Every step of the making and each element are touched by human hand, without the noise and prying of any machines and without any stress or coercion. We gave time of the moon to pour its magic blessing on the work of bees and humans and to give birth in October to BEE MY BLOOM.

BEE MY BLOOM brings the poetry of past times, created with deep respect to the Nature and the resources that she generously provides.

BEE MY BLOOM with a silver medal for Quality at the 2020 London International Honey Awards (LIHA).

BEE MY BLOOM Honey & roses has been awarded with a silver medal for Quality at the 2020 London International Honey Awards (LIHA).

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