BEE MY BLOOM is entirely Bulgarian product that brings the poetry of past times, created with deep respect to the Nature and the resources that she generously provides.


The entire our philosophy is to propose to the customer a superior experience with unmatched and unique taste and quality of all the ingredients.

We create each year a limited production because our idea is to look for the best quality over the quantity.

BEE MY BLOOM products are a combination of superior ingredients from the beautiful Bulgarian land: the Bio Acacia honey collected in the unpolluted forest of Bulgarian mountains, the famous rose Damascena picked in the famous rose valley on the hills of Kazanlak or the wild elderflower sourced directly from the trees in the protected park of Vitosha mountain.


We still produce in an artisanal manner. The process of making our products is probably the simplest, but the most natural.

Our honey is what the bees have harvested, nothing more, nothing less. We use only Bio Acacia Honey, real petals and flowers and al lot of time (we do not use/add any roses oil or other refined industrial products)

BEE MY BLOOM products are certified BIO products obtained from BIO Bulgarian ingredients.

Each jar is filled, hand jarred and numbered manually.

BEE MY BLOOM is created as a gift that brings experience and enjoyment. Each part can be used again.